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Xavi H. Oromí Portfolio


Hi! I'm a graphical designer specialized in motion graphics & web design.
You can find some of my many works in this website.
Enjoy the stay and thank you for coming.
Freelance on-line designer

Freelance on-line designer

Since 2011 I'm working as a on-ine freelance for companies around the world. I take care about the communication needs of people business. Websites, logotipes, multimedia adverticing and mutch more!
Motion graphics & animation specialist

Motion graphics & animation specialist

Since I finished my career, I focused on motion graphics. Most of my experience is making computer generated graphics for viral videos, banners and promotional support for websites and products.
Video and 3D productions

Video and 3D productions

Mixing video with 3D computer generated graphics is really powerful technique, I'm really skilled on video editing and Video Digital effects that I combine with 3D to create stunning promotions.
Web & multimedia production

Web & multimedia production

Mixing video with 3D computer generated graphics is really powerful technique, I'm really skilled on video editing and Video Digital effects that I combine with 3D to create stunning promotions.


Xavi Hernández Oromí

DOB: 01/12/1980

Nationality: Spanish

Location: Barcelona

Exprience : 10 Years

Availability: Freelance, Parttime or Fulltime.

Academic education

  • After finishing my degree in graphic design I Started a Motion Graphics master in B.A.U design school in Barcelona in 2006-2007. There I learned the dynamics of the typographic animation and element interaction. After some experience I started digging into 3D graphics in 3Ds Max, Softimage XSI and Cinema 4D. In 2011 I did a postgraduate course to master 3D character modelling and animation.
  • In 2002 I started Graphic Design in my home town Vilanova y la Geltrú. There I made some good friends and together we created "Octubre del disseny". A little festival with activities and speeches of many important designers. That experience made grow my passion for graphic design. After more than 10 years working as a designer my passion keeps growing up. I'm always looking to learn new stuff to be able to implement it on my work.
  • Before graphical design I was formed in a deep artistic education. I have strong drawing skills and artistic knowledge that I use on every single work I do. I also am an illustration. I like to draw a lot and I try to give my personal touch on my works when I have to create the illustrations for my animations. If you want to see some of my personal drawings you can check my Tumblr link.

Work Experience

  • 2012-2013
    2D & 3D Multimedia Freelance

    I always combined my full-time job with some freelance works. But the last two years I became full-time freelance, working for national and international companys & brands. I do all kind of projects. Website creation. CSM. Banners Newsletters, Video promotions and app interface develop and 3D assets creation. Taking care of old and newer clients.
  • 2011-2012
    Multimedia & 3D Designer at Tecfa Group S.L.

    In Tecfa Group S.L. I was in charge of creating 3D animations and presentations for the newest products of our main clients. Edebé, Anaya and IOR. Also I did a lot of Web Apps and iPad apps interfaces.
  • 2009-2011
    Multimedia Creative, Web Designer & Copy at Wombat S.L.

    In Wombat S.L. I was the main designer, copy, creative and One man army of the company. We worked for very important hotel chains in Spain such, Silken, Centrhotel, HPAM. Managing their websites and all the promotions and newsletters. I also created many on-line commercials videos for Restalo and Quporama.
  • 2008-2009
    Senior Graphic Designer, Video editor at Pampa Digital S.L.

    In Pampa Digital I worked as a video editor and creative. We had a TV show about extreme sports that we worked on if for more than a year. We also did small scale promotions of local business.
  • 2003-2008
    Junior Graphic Designer at A3 Realitzacions S.L

    A3 was my firs graphical designer job. I was in charge of creating Logotypes and Printed design. I also was in charge of the Website design for the newer clients.
  • 1998-2002
    Other work Experience

    Before ending my graphical design studies I worked as a part-time waiter for 5 years during the weekends and holidays.

If you like what you see and you want to get in touch with me, I’ll answer any question you may have. Please use any way to contact me, by phone, mail or using the form here down. Thank you very mutch.




Carrer Rosselló 500 Barcelona


e : hola@xavihoromi.es


p : (+34) 620 343 058
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